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Read Luke 2:8-20. The shepherds said to one another, "Let us go over to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has made known to us." Luke 2:15B Do you enjoy a large gathering on Christmas Day? Or are you isolated this year by work, finances, weather, or for some other reason? You are not alone. It is certainly possible that Mary and Joseph came into the first Christmas feeling the same way, huddled together and all alone with their newborn baby. God didn't leave them alone for long. When He sent an angel with the first Christmas invitation He didn't choose a mighty emperor or king, prominent priests or Levites, or even wealthy, powerful people. Instead He sent His angel to poor shepherds watching over their flock at night. The angel told them the exceedingly good news that God had kept His promise-a Savior had been born! Because Jesus would take their sins and pay the full price we all owe God, they could leave their flocks and hurry into the... (more)

Tracy King
ca homes for sale:
hastings ranch neighborhoo

Year after year, the city of Pasadena, CA retains a reputation for hosting neighborhoods are essentially recession proof when it comes to real estate. Homes for sale in Pasadena, CA are always in demand. As the value of homes in other neighborhoods close by rise and fall, Pasadena homes are known to hold their value in spite of dips in the market because of the great demand from homebuyers. Hastings Ranch is a relatively new, suburban neighborhood located in the furthest northeast corner of Pasadena. Hastings Ranch is north of Sierra Madre Boulevard and is boarded by Michillinda Avenue to the east and Riviera Drive to the west. This neighborhood is picturesque with beautiful tree lined streets, children playing, and yards carefully decorated for every holiday. Because Hastings Ranch is just below the mountains, many residents get to witness forest wildlife on an every day basis. Hastings Ranch is has large shopping centers in southeast corner by Sierra Madre... (more)

Orchestral Music
g: Carving the Scroll

The distinctive scroll found at the top of fine violins, violas and cellos is a purely decorative woodcarving that showcases the violinmaker’s skill as a maker and craftsman. The concept originated in the Baroque era. Typically the scroll carving is shaped like a volute, or rolled up spiral, but they historically also appeared as human or animal heads. The scroll is carved from the same block of wood that also includes the peg box. First, a block of wood is resized to the widest and longest measures of the scroll and peg box down to where they meet the neck. A violinmaker will often use a template that illustrates the shape of the scroll from the side and the front. Once excess wood is removed, the template is traced and the outermost edges are cut in both dimensions using a band saw. The volute is then traced onto the side and front view of the scroll. The saw follows the side tracing while turning the wood and only going as deep as the line on the front,... (more)

ceinture burberry pas cher Eh bien
Que vous a dit le roi , Rien. Ah ! voilà comme vous causez , Dame ! Que pensez-vous de ma situation , Rien. Cependant, à moins de mauvaise volonté Votre situation est difficile. En quoi , En ce que vous êtes chez vous. Si difficile qu'elle soit, je la comprends bien. Pardieu ! est-ce que vous vous imaginez qu'avec un autre que vous j'eusse fait tant de franchise , Comment, tant de franchise , Vous avez été franc avec moi, vous ! vous qui refusez de me dire la moindre chose , Tant de façons. Alors. pull dolce gabbana pas cher, À la bonne heure ! Tenez, monseigneur, écoutez comment je m'y fusse pris avec un autre que vous : j'arrivais à votre porte, les gens partis, ou, s'ils n'étaient pas partis, je les attendais à leur sortie et je les attrapais un à un, comme des lapins au débouter ; je les coffrais sans bruit, je m'étendais sur le tapis de votre corridor, et, une main sur vous, sans que vous vous en doutassiez, je vous gardais pour le... (more)

roy nelson
Social Worker Made False Allegation Against Father.
A social worker who falsely accused an innocent father of abusing his six-year-old daughter was allowed to continue working with vulnerable children, it has emerged. Suzi Smith alleged during a custody battle that she had seen Jonathan Coupland, 53, attack his child. The accusation – made while she was ‘really, really angry’ – led to him being handcuffed in front of neighbours, thrown into a cell and banned from seeing his daughter. The Daily Mail revealed the case in April, and since then a disciplinary hearing has found Mrs Smith guilty of misconduct and ruled that her fitness to practise is impaired. +2 Jonathan Coupland was falsely accused of abusing his daughter, Jessica, by a social worker Suzi Smith was allowed to continue working with vulnerable children But she was not struck off or suspended. Instead, she was given a three-year caution order, which means she can continue to work with the most vulnerable... (more)

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